Discussions in different languages???

By Josh Lincoln
Posted 27 June 2017, 8.25am edt

As an English speaker, on an apparently English language site, I didn't expect that. But it's here.
Two conversations now there: my section I found it is "UK", "Radio", "Radio Chatter" -- so two conversations in some French, I guess, one unanswered, the other no English within.
What do we do about that? In comparison, IT support sites can have language specific sections up to however many languages on Earth. So does Wikipedia, etc.
Here, we do not seem to have language sections. Nor do we have - do we? - any official language policy... If there is one, shouldn't it be moderated?
Now French, then come Chinese:)
Pardon me, French is an official language in some Dependencies, isn't it.
Well, so there are Manx, Gaelic of a few sorts... Spanish in Gibraltar?
Should we stick to English or should we go crazy?


2 years, 5 months ago

If anyone offended, up... Kidding:)

2 years, 5 months ago

That was a comment on a French-language news story. I quite like how it's a French response!

There's no official policy: I'd expect most people to use English, though. is not a UK website, and I don't have any particular concern about what languages the United Kingdom is supposed to speak. 1% of the UK speaks Polish. To nie jest problem.

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