By James Cridland
Posted 4 January 2017, 7.49pm est

So, Simon Nicks is, for example, Content Controller for BFBS Radio. I'd like him to appear in all BFBS Radio entries.

Currently there are two ways of doing that:

  1. Entering Simon Nicks under each and every BFBS Radio service, which is quite painful.
  2. Entering Simon Nicks under SSVC, BFBS's owner, but that means he is also listed as Content Controller for Forces TV (which isn't true).

As another example: Matt Gray is a broadcast engineer for Global's radio stations in Leicester Square. He's not a broadcast engineer for Heart Cambridge, nor for Capital Scotland.

I've been battling with a new way of listing these folk for a while, and I think I've hit on the idea.

We use the 'tags' functionality to add a "tag" marked group:bfbsradio and tag all BFBS Radio stations with this tag. Then we can add Simon Nicks as Content Controller for "group:bfbsradio", and that should then flow through to all the stations that have that tag.

Or, we add a 'tag' marked group:globallondon and add Matt Gray as a broadcast engineer for that tag. He'd then flow through to all the Global London stations, but not to the others.

People can only be attached to a tag starting "group:" and perhaps we might add a note explaining what that group actually means, I don't know.

Does this make sense?


3 years, 4 months ago

This is now implemented. Thanks to those who emailed me. :)

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