Listing digital publications

By James Cridland
Posted 13 February 2016, 1.41am est

With the news that "the print edition" of The Independent is to cease, it's now time to consider how we list digital publications (and I'm grateful to Martin Phillp for the email to nudge me).

So, we're going to expand our categories to...

Digital publications

... and the definition of a "digital publication" is, I think...

Digital publication: for this section, will normally consider websites and apps that produce their own editorial and are listed in Wikipedia. We'll treat them as media titles, just like the original four sections. Where a digital publication is not listed in Wikipedia but displays the same quality as those who are, we'll review whether inclusion is worthwhile.

Does this look like the right thing to do?

For clarity - online-only radio and tv will continue within the radio and tv areas.

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