Message to contributors

By Martin Phillp
Posted 18 March 2022, 8.18pm edt

Hi, I'm Martin one of the Directory Editors of A Directory Editor decides if your contribution is suitable for the directory whether it's a logo change, personnel or adding or changing a company.

For example if you decide to change a logo that doesn't appear to be part of the general branding of a title, it doesn't get approved. If you can prove that it's part of the new branding, you're welcome to prove that.

We have also received requests to change the name of a company without being able to back it up. I personally wait for proof from the organisation before making changes, this can be a press release or from a reputable news source. Think Broadcast or Radio Today etc which are trade publications.

I haven't been able to speak to James Cridland, the site owner for a while now. I've asked him to merge titles, such as stations that have merged but clearly he's busy, but you're welcome to use the site feedback form to contact him if you feel one of the decisions made by a Directory Editor is incorrect or unfair. That's the same if you want to become a Directory Editor. I don't have that responsibility or the ability to remove whole titles.

I hope this clarifies a few issues for some of our regular contributors. Feel free to post in this thread and I'll try and answer questions you have.

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