Text Formatting and Markup issues

By Josh Lincoln
Posted 9 March 2016, 4.07am est

In this thread, we've already tested many things with Markdown.
According to what I now see below this text box,

For formatting, uses Markdown; we’ll put a nice editor in place shortly.

So we'll see.

Consider this thread one for current things, minor issues, questions and testing with whatever the tool uses at the moment.


3 years, 10 months ago

Now to the business.

James made a slight modification to Markdown, meaning if you insert one linebreak, it'll be displayed as such (unlike in the unmodified Markdown).
That didn't change certain depending issues: you do need two linebreaks to close a quote, for example.
Speaking of quotes. Just now, I tried to make stuff in my quoted copypaste look similar to the original - boldening. Well, I used double asteriscs, but it didn't seem to work - Firefox 40 here. I might try seeing that in another browser, later.

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