Elizabeth Hurley, Ester Lauder, and Breast Cancer

By David Jaggar
Posted 12 October 2017, 8.44am edt

I just watched a clip of an interview with Elizabeth Hurley talking about breast cancer. I note she works with Ester Lauder to promote their corporate products (cosmetics and the like). For a radio station that promotes facts, the interviewer needed to be much more critical of what was passing as news. To cut this message short, go to:
to read to what I'm referring. Ester Lauder is one of several pinkwashing unethical companies when it comes to breast cancer by exploiting women, especially those vulnerable to breast cancer. It was rather shocking that BBC Radio 5 colluded with this via the interview, even though I believe Elizabeth Hurley to be doing her best for the welfare of women, albeit innocently when it comes to Ester Lauder's corporate policy.

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