Entertainment Ideas - Magazine Articles or Online Features?

By Elizabeth Williams
Posted 4 April 2018, 7.15am edt

The trend for more and more remarkable entertainment at parties and events, especially weddings, continues to grow - as do the efforts of agencies that promote artists and acts online and in traditional print media.

To encourage visitors to view the available entertainment options there has been a growth in articles with titles such as "It's Your Special Day But Entertain Your Guests & Make It More Memorable", "10 Great Entertainment Ideas for Weddings" and "Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas".

These are submitted to the plethora of Wedding Magazines to be featured on their online resources and blog sections as well as occasionally making it to the print version.

The printed magazines certainly have a highly relevant readership and no doubt attract visitors to find out more about the choice of entertainment available. Where the articles are featured online the benefit is a little more complicated. A well crafted mixed media featured article is likely to keep a visitors attention - always a challenge with any content with lengthy detail - but there is another benefit - the links - targeted to specific sections of the entertainment booking websites.

Now the power of these links is debatable - for example it is thought that they help promote the target pages - for example book a wedding band should in theory encourage the visitor to leave the wedding website and check out the live bands, singers and musicians available to hire to provide music for the wedding.

These links are more useful when a selection of less usual entertainement ideas are being offered - visitors are often tempted to take a look at speciality acts and event services that they can include during the ceremony or reception to keep guests entertained.

For example a very polular walk about entertainment is to hire a Caricaturists for a wedding to mix and mingle with the guests throughout the day.

Which is the more effective - Online or Print?

Either way the leading wedding publications are enjoying the double revenue by publishing both on and offline content to promote wedding entertainment and services.

Thoughts please.

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