Historical Anniversary in Travel 200th Anniversary

By Jason Seo Smith
Posted 30 May 2017, 10.24pm edt

On Friday 2nd June I am cycling from the UK to Mannheim in Germany to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the bicycle, invented and launched in 1817 by Karl Von Drais. I hope to complete the 1,000 mile ride to Andermatt in Switzerland following the Rhine Route and finishing on the iconic day the bicycle was launched 12th June 1817. The bicycle was invented because of a huge volcano in Indonesia and the asphalt debris filled the air causing Europe to have no Summers for 2 years in 1815 and 1816, the animals died and were eaten due to lack of food and the velocipede was created, also known as the laufmaschine, German for running machine. I'm not running the route but bikepacking and wondered if any media were going to run any stories on such an iconic landmark to celebrate? Hopefully it will make the news somewhere. I never had a bicycle 3 years ago before being asked to cycle Britain by my late cousin Sam, since then I can't get off the thing. Thanks for your time and I hope @mediainfo can publish a story. Best Wishes and safe riding everyone. Track my progress or failure on twitter @challengerwsm

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