Wedding Magazines

By Elizabeth Williams
Posted 7 January 2018, 1.33pm est

A new project has had me borwsing through what seems like an endless stream of wedding magazines and their associated websites.

I had to smirk when I came across this old blog post that included the telling truth...

If you read wedding magazines or in fact most magazines aimed at women, you will internalise a lot of tedious bull****. Newly engaged me bought wedding magazines for three months before fleeing screaming into the blogosphere. I cracked after being driven into a panic because I did not have a signature perfume to wear on the day.

You see, magazines are primarily funded by advertising money and their not so secret mission is to entice you to [buy all the things] ( ). And this will quickly drive you mad and broke.

Keep it real girls, feet on the ground and an eye on the bank balance.

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