Editor - Practical Fishkeeping

A full-time journalism job at Bauer Media Group in Peterborough
Posted 25 September 2017, 3.42pm edt

As the UK’s best-selling fishkeeping magazine, Practical Fishkeeping is an essential read for anyone with an interest in fish, whether tropical, coldwater, marine or pond.  Practical Fishkeeping is the first port of call for in-depth information on the fish to choose and how to care for them, along with inspirational ideas, step by step guides, product  reviews and advice from the world’s top experts. As editor you will have a compelling vision for all channels of the Practical Fishkeeping brand, along with an interest in fish, the fishkeeping community and the industry that  supports them. You will be able to demonstrate brilliant magazine craft, meticulous  attention to detail and the ability to inspire a small, highly creative team to even  greater achievements.

This job closed on 31 October, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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