Freelance writers - illicit trade

A freelance and contract journalism job at European Observatory on Illicit Trade in Paris
Posted 21 December 2017, 11.45am est

The European Observatory on Illicit Trade ( gives the freshest news and data related to illicit trade in the European Union. Each week, we publish a home-made article in our Investigation section. Stories that interest us concern the counterfeiting and smuggling of luxury goods, generic medicines and tobacco in the EU.

Eurobsit is therefore looking for freelance journalists for frequent collaboration, able to start as soon as possible. You would be writing subjects that would fit in the following categories:

  • Meet an expert Interview an expert of illicit trade, tell us about his job and knowledge. This could be a customs officers, a specialized prosecutor, an anti-counterfeiting engineer, or even a counterfeiter himself.

  • Specific cases
    The Montenegro connection was one of the biggest cases of contraband and corruption in Europe. But it was definitely not an isolated case. Here, you can either write about the most important smuggling schemes that existed, or find a fresh case that you judge relevant.

  • Focus on… In this section, feel free to dig a subject that catches your attention. EU’s role in Ivory trafficking, crypto-currencies’ impact on money-laundering, smuggling of abortion pills… If you think it’s relevant, don’t hesitate to dive deep into the subject and split it into different episodes.

  • Technology Counterfeit products always look more genuine nowadays. That’s why, each year, new technologies arrive on the market to help customers make the difference between real and fake products. Find out how they work, and who created them.

You are free to pitch your own subjects, we also have a whole stock of articles and angles which are only waiting for you to be written.

Articles should be around 5 000 signs, space included (approx. 320 words). Pay ranges: 100 euros for 1 500 signs space included. You must be responsible for your own invoicing.

This job closed on 18 January, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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