A Way Back?

By James Martin
Posted 4 January 2016, 12.37pm est

Happy New Year. You might need some popcorn for this one.

Following the passing of my mother at a relatively young age last summer, I'm finally moving out of her place and into my own little 3-bed in the centre of our village. All very exciting despite the terribly sad circumstances.

I've also taken the decision to go full time with my mobile disco/entertainment business. This is because it's something I've wanted to do for a while, and I'm in a fortunate position that I can take enough from what Mum's left me to effecitvely meet the pittance I was earning in the call centre, who failed my probation in November. Yeah, in hindsight it was bad timing. Anyone who's been there (and thank you to one poster on here for an incredibly kind email at the time - you know who you are and your words were appreciated) knows how much it f**ks with your head. Anyway, this is the situation I am in now.

So, I'm building myself a little home studio as part of the renovation project at Chez James. (It's actually quite theraputic to be going down the DIY route with help from a mate who's also a counsellor, and he likes Smooth Radio too so it's a good pairing.) Now I appreciate a) the industry's changed out of all recognition from a decade ago and b) those left have long memories. So I'm not looking for a way back in in that sense - but what other uses can I put my studio and skillset to?

Those of you who know me know I've thrown myself 110% into acting at our local theatre in the past four years (that theatre's single-handedly kept my will to live going since July!) - how could I get into the voiceover game? What remote voice-tracking opportunites are available? Indeed, is there a market to produce a couple of syndicated shows like Blue Revolution and others do?

I suppose what I'm saying is I'm at a major crossroads (I'm talking about my life, not my acting!) and would like a bit of advice.

Feel free to email if you don't like posting in public: djjamesmartin AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for reading! :)


4 years, 4 months ago


Sorry to hear 2015 was a struggle, but it sounds like 2016 will have some good opportunities.

With regards to voiceovers, I'd build up a portfolio using sites like: Fiverr,,, and and then use the work to send demos to other UK agencies.

I also think it's easy to over-estimate people remembering much about you. It's front of your mind, but very much in the back of theirs. In radio circles I think I'm pretty well known, but at the stations I visit it's rare for people to have a clue who I am. Don't overthink the past.

What I would do is concentrate on making a radio show/podcast that you enjoy and that shows off your talents over and above doing something that demonstrates you can be a VT jock.

I'd always much rather hire someone interesting/skilful/knowledgable who can adapt to doing a formatted show, rather than hiring someone who's main skill is just intro-ing pop records.

Good luck!

4 years, 4 months ago

Why just stick to Radio? I've just spent a week in Bristol and I've been watching their local tv service Made In Bristol. It's a bit different from STV Glasgow (which uses STV/ ITV archive programs, whilst also providing local news and magazine shows).

What impressed me with Made was that it had a small number of extremely enthusiastic your presenters, some of whom present several shows with different styles.

You've been on stage, therefore you're obviously not too ugly to be seen by the public. Would that interest you, being involved in local tv?

4 years, 4 months ago

Local TV would be interesting. The nearest here is Big Centre in Birmingham.

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