Absolute split playout

By Ian Thomas
Posted 4 December 2014, 3.44am est

Does anyone know how successful the split playout system has been for Absolute Radio? I was expecting the hometime show to adopt it fairly quickly, but the decades stations are still using automation followed by a delayed version of the show.

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5 years ago

My guess is that the split playout at breakfast is there to help the station sell big promotions, which are a good amount of the station's revenue. I'm also not entirely sure that the music balancer that they use produces the ideal mix of music on the decade stations, since it's limited in terms of "find me a song that lasts for 3 minutes 45 seconds" as a first step. It's a compromise: always has been, since Christian's been simulcast on all the decade stations since they originally launched.

I'm not sure that adding the split would actually work well for Geoff's show: it seems to be that having humans craft the show on the decade services (as is the case now) makes for a better listen.

In case you wondered how it works, by the way, here's a video from Next Radio where Dan Wright explains the dirty technicals; and here's a article explaining more about how the system is put together.

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