Ad weirdness on Absolute's internet stream

By Gareth Randall
Posted 22 May 2017, 4.21pm edt

We've started listening to Absolute 80s again in our car via the Absolute app on on our phones - we have in-car DAB, but when the station changed muxes it became almost impossible to receive where we live so we just stopped listening.

Anyway, every ad break via the app seems to follow the same pattern. We'll hear the first couple of seconds of the first ad, and then it'll cut to a completely different ad which will play in full, and the break will run to the end as normal. This happens every single time.

Anybody know what's going on with that? It sounds extremely amateurish. If there's some kind of opting-out going on, surely it should be happening seamlessly?

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3 years ago

There is opting-out going on: you're being served ads that might be a little more interesting to you (and some additional songs). But it shouldn't be doing that. Worthwhile contacting the station to let them know.

3 years ago

I should perhaps point out that we're not actually signed in to the app (I forgot the password and couldn't be bothered to reset it), so we don't get the extra songs and presumably not targeted ads, unless they treat people listening via mobile streaming differently to those listening via a wired broadband connection.

3 years ago

I've been getting that for years listening online. More recently I've been getting the "If you were signed in to your absolute radio account, you'd now be hearing a bonus song" adverts, even though I am signed in to my account. I did contact them about that but didn't get a reply.

They don't seem to put any effort in to the bonus songs anyway. They are repetitive and don't fit the playlist very well - e.g. they seem to play Spaceman by Babylon Zoo every other day. Surely that's a track for "Haven't heard it for ages", rather than regular rotation.

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