XLR adaptor or Multi Extension Box needed


First a belated New Year to you all, and this discussion forum is brilliant.

The mixer I'm using in my home studio does not have enough balanced inputs to feed everything into, such as my reel to reel, Sonifex Cart Machines and possibly more. I have an external interface for my laptop, of which I have my Adobe Audition audio play out and record. But that uses up sockets. Is there such a piece of equipment pertaining to what you would call an adapter-extension or junction box?

I want something with one main feed lead into the mixer and about 5-6 XLR sockets male and female, plus balanced jack sockets and all these would be internally wired to each other inside the box. Basically a miniature version of a stage box, if that's a better way to explain it. Years ago the BBC engineers would make their own up but they are as rare as rocking horse manure, hence why I'm having difficulty getting hold of something similar. Probably I'm also entering the wrong words when searching the internet.

I could of course get a larger mixer but the one I'm using is excellent, and if there is such an item out there, why go to additional expense! But if what I'm after turns out more expensive than a new mixer, then I'll have to re-think! But with the wealth of knowledge of you guys out there, there must be something you could possibly recommend. I probably don't need as many sockets and inputs I have mentioned but better to have more than not enough.

You've probably guessed that I'm using analogue with digital and it's great fun.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your replies and suggestions.


4 years ago

The way I'd do it is by using a sub mixer. You can get rack mixers that fit in a 1U space; Behringer do a budget line if you're looking at the cheaper end (eg MX882)

They have pots on the front so that you can adjust the gain on individual sources so it'd be well-suited for sources where you seldom need to change the gain.

Just hook up your sources to the rack mixer and then take the output from the rack mixer into a pair of channels on your main mixer.

4 years ago

Yes I agree with Julian, actually putting it through a mixer is best.
You SHOULD really buffer each source and maybe able to adjust level by which time you have a mixer.

Maybe worth looking in the PA field as well.
This is a single 4 into 1 mixer, but they may do a "stereo" version.
Maybe 4 x 2 and xlr combiner or words to that effect would work.
Though just the popularity and reasonable quality of mixers like the above post gives you much more flexibility and reasonable quality for very low price. Something more specialised may cost more and not be any better.

4 years ago

The BBC stage boxes won't solve your problem. They provided a number of XLR sockets and fed these down a single multicore cable, at the other end was usually a military style weatherproof connector for plugging into the tail board of an analogue outside broadcast truck. Some did then break out into lots of XLR connectors using a "flail", but they didn't connect the sources together into a smaller number of sources. You really can't parallel sources in the way you suggest, each source will see the wrong impedance, made up of the input impedance and all the other source impedances in parallel, the signal will be attenuated and quite probably have a weird frequency response. Some sort of active device such as a separate mixed is needed.

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