Advice on getting a paid job in radio!

By Caroline Revell
Posted 15 February 2015, 8.38pm est


I have worked in hospital radio and currently work doing travel presenting in local commercial radio. I wonder if anyone could advice me on ways to actually get paid for a job I enjoy?

Many thanks


5 years, 1 month ago

Right place at the right time.
Impressing the right people.
Make an impression.

There's no correct answer to this. What I would say is having something else to fall back on. Opportunities are limited.

5 years, 1 month ago

My advice would be learn lots. A typical person working in radio today will be using social media, producing content for websites, producing and presenting radio programmes, being involved in stations' community work, probably running music scheduling and other things, and probably a lot more besides.

My advice would also be to work for as many people as you can. As a judge of the Radio Academy's 30-under-30 for the last three years, I've noted a surprising amount of people who do work for their local BBC station, as well as their local commercial station and some national stations too. Similarly, there are many who are working for independent production companies as well as commercial broadcasters. A "portfolio career" is, I gather, the right term for this. So, don't discount the opportunities you might get from working in more than one place.

Finally - attend every single radio industry thing you can manage. Ask to work for them for free if you can't afford it, though there are some which are free or almost free. I know someone who came with copies of her CV, giving them to everyone she met. Who do you think is now working for the UK's largest broadcaster in their London head office?

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