Are we proud to be British?

By Ashlyn Kaye
Posted 29 March 2017, 12.22pm edt

Attending a local Mayor's Pride Award 2017 at St Michael's Manor, St Alban's, our radio station - Radio Verulam were hosting the event. I was interviewing the Nominees and award winners - and hearing of all huge efforts many people in this country volunteer their time for worthy causes it made me really proud - its the efforts of even the smallest communities which
make this country great.


3 years, 2 months ago

Sounds fantastic.

One thing I've noticed since returning to the industry fulltime for the first time in a decade is that radio doesn't celebrate its' achievements anymore.

X-Trax, The Radio Magazine, they're all gone. Yes there's been consolidation but the actual number of stations hasn't really reduced by that much. Why aren't we celebrating what we do?

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