By David Dawson
Posted 5 January 2016, 3.34pm est

ASDA FM is a beast with two heads! If I get into the store before lunch, or around breakfast, the DJ plays music I can recognise, sing along with and it generally adds to the pleasure of being in a supermarket.
After lunch, however, the DJ plays music that drives me out of the store post haste! Today, in particular, I found my self getting angry at his choice of (to me at least) unknown dance and disco tracks. As a retired DJ of 20 years myself I am all too familiar with those who think we should all appreciate their own taste in music and force it down one's throat.
Sadly, it tends to be the afternoon when I spend most of my time in the place and today I felt like screaming something unrepeatable at the speakers.
The contrast between morning and afternoon is so astonishingly great that, on the one hand, I enjoy being there in the morning and totally hate being there in the afternoon. It isn't a DISCO!!!

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