Bauer bring back England/Scotland daytime split for City 2 Network.

By Ian Beaumont
Posted 18 December 2015, 8.52am est

I imagine that young Mr Grainger is pretty happy right now with the Bauer City 2 stations re-instating the England/Scotland split during daytimes.

The only split that would be better would to split Ashley Tabor, Charles Allen and Richard Park from all the stations they currently infect, but hey, this is a start...


3 years, 9 months ago


Not least because Go Radio is about to launch on DAB in Beaur's biggest Scottish market, having already had very significant amounts of press, TV and social media coverage in the past few months, with the emphasis of the news coverage being how it will be much more local for Glasgow, whilst it was also clearly pointed out that all other commercial stations serving Glasgow are often/mostly networked from somewhere else.

Of course, Go Radio is not going to be a significant threat to Radio Clyde during that nine month trial. However, we need to realise that a lot of stuff could (and probably will) happen on the other side of that.

96.3 is to be readvertised. The trial DAB service could become a permanent feature as well. Then there's the other matter of a new national multiplex coming on air which could further erode into Radio Clyde's audience - unless they push the USP that they once proudly wiped the others with, which was being local to Glasgow.

Radio Clyde has lost a bit of traction over the past few years but it seems it wants to try to redeem itself. No more Paddy on a Sunday (comments from non-radio enthusiasts on social media suggest he was a turn off). The programs from England on the 1 stations have been dropped, except for a chart show. Now we have the re-introduction of Scottish shows in mid morning on the 2 stations.

This also comes at a time when the people of Scotland are feeling increasingly dis-enfranchised with England. The euro ref is on its way, for which Scotland is very pro Europe, whilst England is less so. The recent vote on military action in Syria was voted against by all but two of Scotland's MP's, causing the people of Scotland to question how much our parliamentary voice is heeded in Westminster (we're being dragged into something that our MP's didn't vote for).

Increased amounts of autonomy is a desire we have. It seems sensible that Beaur (at least) try to reflect that mood, within their abilities to maintain commercial viability.

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