BRMB - Radio House Years

By Carl Ashwin
Posted 14 November 2015, 7.47am est

Hello All

I grew up listening to BRMB during the time it was based at the old ATV building in Aston and given that the output of that station is what inspired me to get into radio form a very young age, I was wondering if anybody had any pictures they could share of the interior and studios during the Richard Park management years.

Part of the fascination for me has always been the mental picture of what a DJ looks like or what the room that they're broadcasting from is like. Les Ross is pretty much THE main reason for me wanting to get into radio so if anybody has any stories or pictures they would be willing to share, please do so on here or email me:

With thanks


4 years, 6 months ago

morning carl google brmb studios ,images there's loads there

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