Broadcast fees for a stadium RSL

By Graeme Burt
Posted 23 January 2015, 5.27pm est

A friend of mine has asked me to give him pricing for a football stadium RSL on match day. They want to broadcast all day with music too so will need PRS and PPL for one day, along with the Ofcom licensing. I know I could look it all up on the various websites but as I have not done this before I figured there will be people here who have, and could tell me of the pitfalls, hiring equipment and so on too. They have a broadcast studio as it is a championship club and they already run their own online station that is speech only for match days. Its really about knowing how much it will cost. Thanks folks!


4 years, 10 months ago

This will tell you everything you need to know about the licencing side:

Also our Dummies Guide might be helpful:

There are plenty of companies that will hire the kit. Get it with some audio processing or you will be disappointed with your sound in relation to other stations.

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