Can I get your opinion on my radio show-reel...

By Oliver McClellan
Posted 5 May 2015, 2.59pm edt

Hello everyone,

I hope that you're all well on this fine Tuesday afternoon. For the last few years I have been gaining some amazing experience in the radio industry.

Below is a link to my production show-reel, I am looking to get a role as a producer, and I would love to hear your feedback ...

Thank you!


5 years ago

Hi Olly, That's a great showreel. My only comments would be 1) it is quite long - perhaps just include clips from each ad and then a link to your Soundcloud where we can listen to the complete production; and 2) I was tempted to press 'stop' in the first 15 seconds because the full-on zaps and whooshes aren't for me. I'm glad I didn't though because the rest of it is fab. Good luck with finding a role. If you set up independently I might well have some ad production for you in future although I won't have Heart's budget!

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