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By Michael Robinson
Posted 8 April 2017, 1.48pm edt

I'm currently looking for some new syndicated shows for a Friday/Saturday night on our radio station. We currently take Ear Candy with Chris Brooks on a Saturday night which sounds fantastic and are ideally seeking something similar for a Friday night.

Most of the shows I have been looking into so far are quite specialist but we are really seeking something very mainstream (90s/00s/Now 'in the mix' type show) and would be prepared to pay for a show if required.

Just wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for decent shows we could have a look at?


3 years, 1 month ago

The Emperor Rosko is on a number of stations in the UK and around the world with his weekly show from L A. Not expensive. Wide range of music.

3 years, 1 month ago

All The Hits with Pat Sharp is on various stations too and is exactly what you're looking for (90s, 00s and now). Check Blue Revolution's website

Shouldn't be too expensive.

3 years, 1 month ago

Hi there. I have a radio show called The Sound Lab that promotes brand new music (which are likely to make it to playlists) and some that'll be big in the future. Recent plays have included Kaiser Cheifs, Kasabian and this week includes London Grammar and The Moonlandingz which are on BBC A to C lists currently. If you're interested in the 1 hour weekly show that also contains an interview then please email me at and we can discuss further. Cheers. Jim

3 years, 1 month ago

emoviebox : Bringing Hollywood to your listeners every week.

As a community radio station operating in the UK you must work hard to bring your listeners quality programming with little or no budget. Speech broadcasting is something that was deemed as essential in your original application to OfCom and many stations have fallen foul of this over the past year. I would like to bring you some help with this in the form of a weekly one hour entertainment show. This will more than satisfy your speech content commitment.

emoviebox, now in its fourth year of broadcast is currently airing on thirty UK radio stations of all sizes.

Each week we bring you the latest movie and home entertainment news. This is delivered via drop-box or an upload service of your choice every Tuesday and has a shelf life of one week. The show contains a minimum of three new movies along with interviews with cast and crew. This week we have Vin Diesel, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman on the show. We also have a home entertainment review with an email competition for you listeners to win film merchandise and DVD’s.

We would like to offer this show to your radio station on a free basis. All we ask is that you air it in its entirety including a sponsorship tag. This is currently sponsored by TOAST Promotional Products which is a sister business of emoviebox. We are of course willing to discuss alternative methods of supply if you can find a local sponsor to pick up the cost.

If you would like to receive more details and a link to listen to this week’s show then please drop me a line.
Feel free to drop me a line or give me a ring on the details outlined below.

Paul Baker
01273 685119

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