Clockwheel in excel?

By Peter Symonds
Posted 27 June 2015, 6.33pm edt

I'm sure there are a few people know how to do this. I've basically got the minutes from and to. I've just want to put it in a representation of an hour. It sounds like it should be doable.


4 years, 9 months ago

Here's how I do it

Make a column working out the duration (aka To-From=Duration).
Then another column equaling the above sum, change the format of these cells to be a percentage.

Insert Chart type, pie chart.

You can create a column that'll do a running time total, and build in the link times as an even amount of the gap time to the top of the hour pretty easily too.

Here's a basic example, obviously all the titles and colours are editable around what you need it to do

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