Does anybody remember the ILR Radio Annuals?

By Gareth Randall
Posted 22 February 2015, 8.34am est

In about 1983, ILR put out the Independent Radio Annual - a "fun book for people of all ages". It was essentially a generic annual with articles about pop music, CB radio, IRN and some other stuff, but with a few pages in the middle dedicated to "your favourite ILR station", with behind-the-scenes photos, presenter profiles etc.

I had the Essex Radio version, and I recently picked up the Radio Tees one on eBay. They are all literally identical apart from the middle section and having the relevant station logo on the front cover. Unfortunately, I seem to be getting the notion that I want to collect all of them, just for the station-specific section... does anybody know how many stations were involved? If all of the then-extant ILRs did, that's about 40 annuals.


5 years, 1 month ago

I had the one for Radio Hallam (a Christmas present from my nan). There's another one for your list.

5 years, 1 month ago

Independant Radio was the radio version of ITN.

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