Fix Radio

By George McNally
Posted 25 September 2017, 10.34am edt

I become bored of music radio stations very easily, I've started moving away from Talk Based Radio stations like LBC and Talk Radio for my own health

Anyway, I came across Fix Radio on DAB and recently downloaded the Fix Radio app, I've been listening for 2 months solid, I am absolutely amazed the station is fantastic. Love the presenters and the music they play is fresh and the kind of music you no longer hear on any radio station in the UK.

The station reminds me of Real Radio/Century it's just feel good music all the time. It's also interesting how they are doing things completely different compared with every other station, unique marketing at the exact audience they are aiming the station towards.

The station also feels completely local especially during breakfast and drive time which are live shows. Would love to hear your feedback as well guys.

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FIX Radio
London & Manchester

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