How many?

By Ian Hickling
Posted 3 January 2015, 7.21am est

On BBC News nationally yesterday in a piece about water shortage on the Isle of Wight with a picture of an inline filter:
"This has holes one thousand times smaller than a human hair".
How on earth please do we stop ignorant/careless/irresponsible journos from using this stupid phraseology?
"One time smaller" - than anything - means that it has disappeared.
"One thousandth the size (meaning diameter) of a human hair" would be acceptable - PROVIDING the ratio was indeed 1/1000.
Yes, I know what they are hinting at - but why not take the trouble as professional and hopefully responsible news presenters to tell us the truth?
Isn't that what our esteemed National Broadcaster (that we pay good money for each year in our Licence Fee and taxes) is paying them to do?

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