How do you choose the right music format?

By Lee Dolbear
Posted 26 February 2015, 7.23pm est

If you had the resources to set up a new radio station. how would you before launch decide on what to play on your new and hopefully profitable venture.


4 years, 9 months ago

Could I recommend reading the Listen2Digital bid, which I link to from here - it contains some really interesting research into launching the right music format to fill gaps that other stations don't. That might give you some interesting ideas.

4 years, 9 months ago

Depends on what the rest of the market is doing. For example, I'm not a big fan of the Jack concept in that there are no presenters out of breakfast. However, from a musical perspective, I do see the value in playing those sort of songs if you've got well-funded brands like Heart, Capital and Smooth operating in the market, especially if you don't have the resources, scale or budget to market yourself the way Global do with their brands.

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