Improving mobile phone reception in the car

By Art Grainger
Posted 28 December 2014, 8.32am est

OK! I wonder if anyone actually knows the answer to this - because my searches on the intergoogle have been a bit fruitless, with lots of websites making wild claims or directing me to something that is capable of cooking a chicken.

I'm wondering if, in the same way as we have micro-powered FM transmitters for use in the car, that we have a means of picking up a mobile phone signal from outside of the car using an antenna on the body work (or glass) and relaying it inside, with micro wattages (one website claimed to use a relay - in the car - with a power of 3 WATTS???!!!!).

In Scotland there are an awful lot of fringe areas for mobile phone coverage, so getting every ounce of a mobile phone signal, especially for radio listening (it's the future of radio, after all, right?), is now becoming a bit more important to me.

Does any expert on mobile phone reception know of any products that are legal and can do the job?


5 years, 3 months ago

If you REALLY do need to use a mobile in a car then fit an external antenna to respond to whatever frequencies you phone uses - commonly 900/1800/2100 MHz.
Or get out of the car and give the phone with its purposely inefficient antenna half a chance!
Don't forget that most phones increase their own radiated power to cope with poor conditions so that you're liable to be absorbing a lot more harmful EMR too!

5 years, 3 months ago

Art - the point is that you mobile needs to transmit back to the base station. It does this regularly, to tell the mobile phone company where you are. So, any solution you put in place needs to work both ways - that is, both to amplify the signal from the base station, but also to amplify the signal back to the base station. That's not trivial.

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