Is ISDN still a thing?

By Richard Berry
Posted 31 January 2017, 7.19am est

Our ISDN codec is on its last legs and before we commit to replacing it like for like I thought I'd ask if it's still something that's relevant. We already use IPDTL and Luci for OB's and interviews, but occasional get asked by the BBC, RTE etc for our ISDN number so they can dial into our studios to interview someone (We're a University btw). It may be we're better getting something like a Telos Zip One and getting an open port through the firewall. I'd keen to hear what different stations are doing right now. Thanks in advance.


2 years, 10 months ago

Well, you've got the line, that's the hard part. I'd stick with it to be honest - for sound quality, ease of set up and reliability I'd keep it, alongside IPDTL which obviously is brilliant and will be perfect for so many situations. Some codecs are going really cheap now as more and more people ditch their ISDN systems. But if it has to go..I wouldn't shed any tears! Benefit ISDN has with lots of contributors is you can almost leave it on and set up all the time, it's so easy. IPDTL is easy for you and me but I'd imagine some outsiders might need a bit of coaching on it and it's unlikely it would be powered up all the time.

2 years, 9 months ago

Personally I wouldn't invest in an Hardware codec. Most are 2nd hand, and you don't know how much hammer it has had..

May as well go with ipDTL and buy the ISDN bolt on, which is possibly more cost effective than having a line, alternatively (as a system) the AudioTx communicator is a software codec plus Aoip facility..

I Like either of these systems, they are fairly simple to use, with Audiotx, you can set it up to automatically configure to hook up with incoming ISDN calls.. All it will need is an ISDN card, and a PC or laptop.. IpDTL uses the Opus Codec within Google Chrome or Opera, and is arguably more flexible, you can add a "Link+" account, which you can send a link to remote contributors. Then you can receive audio in studio quality (obviously dependent on the quality of the mic at the contributor end).

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