Syndicated Show Available: Mellow Moments and The RedTrain Express radio shows

By Andy Saunders
Posted 23 October 2015, 11.45am edt

We (Andy Saunders and Ian Starling) can offer you 3 hours of programming.
1) Mellow Moments - a 2 hour easy listening show (not just love songs) – a show designed to help chill, relax and unwind. Produced in 6 segments – to be used 3 per hour totalling 51 or 54 minutes per hour dependent on station requirements for advertising and news.
2) The RedTrain Express – a one hour of 21st century jazz, funk, fusion and soul. Music from Jamie Cullum, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller, Joss Stone, Candy Dulfer to name just a few. Ideal for evening or weekend listening. All radio friendly – but not often heard on UK radio. Produced as 2 segments totalling 56 minutes
Each show is presented by Andy Saunders who has 17 years of broadcast experience including Star 107.7 in Weston super Mare and Quaywest FM in Bridgwater/West Somerset and each show is produced by Ian Starling, who has over 20 years broadcast and sales experience of radio within the South West of England, having worked for stations including Lantern FM, Pirate FM and Heart and was a co founding member of the community radio station The Voice in North Devon.
Mellow Moments is now broadcast on 22 FM Community radio stations in the UK including Hot Radio in Bournemouth and 101.8 WCR Wolverhampton have started taking the show last week.
The RedTrain Expre is currently on 13 FM Community radio stations.
Each programme is available via download via Dropbox,
We can supply a demo for you to listen too,
Please email for more information and demo's for each show,

Many thanks,



4 years, 3 months ago

I'm not in favor of putting the same shows out across lots of different community stations, it doesn't exactly create individualism does it. I think we have enough robotic radio stations as it is. Sorry just my opinion.

4 years, 3 months ago

Aye ........

The trouble is that without syndicated shows to fill up schedules on community radio stations - robotic is what you would get. Many stations simply do not have enough volunteers available to do live shows at certain times of the day - so the computer is left to run - and run - and run - and run - playing songs and jingles (with not much more content) - until the local butcher has finished his shit and fancies playing some 70's records to himself at 5PM on a Tuesday night.

4 years, 3 months ago

Kevin, although you dislike the same programme networked over several community radio stations, syndicated shows are a necessary evil to fill off-peak schedules on small radio stations!
Most broadcasters use networked output at home & abroad at some point of the day. ABC local radio in Australia as an example, share (or did share before recent cuts) output from a primary station within each of the three time zones.
A friendly off-peak filler show with live presenters is better than automated output or worse, no programme at at all with only a "pilot tone".

4 years, 3 months ago

With my Mellow Moments show I do offer 4 x local links for stations which makes it sound local to each station.

I know quite a lot of CR stations which don't take syndicated shows.

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