More music variety?

By radiohead319
Posted 21 August 2015, 5.28am edt

Maybe it's my imagination, but I've been enjoying Sam FM a little more than its Jack FM predecessor in Bristol. In my head it seems to have slightly more variety of music - slightly less predictable oldies and the occasional "that's an unusual song to hear" kind of thing.

I'd like to see if the facts bear this hunch out, but no longer lists the station under old or new name. I recall it used to rate Jack Bristol around 7% variety.

Anyone know of similar playlist analysis that may have this station listed?


4 years, 7 months ago

I can't help with the same sort of analysis, but's entry for SAM fm Bristol contains a top-ten songs played which currently shows The La's to be the song played to the most people on the station.

(The chart, and we should probably make it clear, is based on total pairs of ears hearing a particular track, so a song at breakfast would appear much higher in the chart than a song at 2am.)

4 years, 7 months ago

I was wondering about Jack Bristol and stuff, so thank you for the information.

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