networking does it really need talented djs talking over the same tunes?

By Lee Dolbear
Posted 5 September 2015, 7.02pm edt

Hi please don't bite my head off.
I'm nearly 42 and have listened to radio whilst working all across the UK for many a year. I live in Dorset and my weapon of choice is Wessex FM based in Dorchester. (an arm of Ukrd)
When I lived in derby I went about my day driving tools about for a living and remember Ram ,Trent and Leicester sound (GWR) all playing the same stuff but had someone sitting in either Derby,Nottingham or Leicester introducing THE SAME TRACK. it obviously still happens nowadays but my point is, is there a need of yes talented djs and chat in say take the south west!! Via Ukrd pirate Cornwall spire Wiltshire and Wessex Dorset. Could radio companies like I thought back then just have a central hub and not have the expense of 3 studios playing THE SAME STUFF!! THOUGHTS?!?


4 years, 3 months ago

UKRD is a different beast to most groups. They have a central music playlist which comes out of Pirate FM, which is also UKRD's HQ, but believe in local delivery of content.

Personally I find elements of this local delivery a bit cheesy and naff, but gives presenters an outlet that are few and far between and their news bulletins are largely excellent.

UKRD can argue that Eagle Radio in Surrey beats all of the London regionals in their TSA, despite the format sounding a bit 90s in my opinion and Pirate FM beats Heart in Cornwall with it's heritage in the county.

4 years, 3 months ago

Well, yes - they have been hubbed. Leicester Sound, RAM FM and Trent FM are now a single regional for the East Midlands

In any case, stations with group music scheduling do generally target different areas, so the fact that those three stations were in tandem is largely irrelevant.

UKRD do what they do really well. There is a market for hyper local radio but it needs the backing of a group to give economy of scale.

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