Perfect portable recorder for on-location interviews

By Paul McNally
Posted 28 April 2016, 2.31pm edt

We've had a nightmare trying to use Tascam DR-05s to gather interviews out and about. Something to do with the twin mics causing phase cancellation which led to a whole host of audio problems.

Our client has lent us an HHB Flashmic which has served us well (mono, 16-bit PCM wav). But I think they're not manufactured any more.

So… can you recommend a reliable Flashmic equivalent? A good, portable audio (voice) recorder with USB. What do you use?


4 years ago

I always use a Zoom H1 for audio interviews. Records Wav to 24bit also records as MP3 always happy with quality for Broadcast

4 years ago see page 17 troubleshooting is EQ off? Level Alignment off? Or best of all simply record in mono for audio interviews

4 years ago

Zoom H4 - made for the job, great quality, and can be purchased from around £170.

4 years ago

I've used the DR-05 for interviews before, but with an external mic rather than internals, and never had any of the issues you've described using it that way. (Not my idea but the modus-operandi for interviews as laid down by the senior broadcast engineer - maybe for obvious reasons?). I now use a DR-40 with good results using the internal mics - but went that route as I regularly have to plug into press conference feeds and it made sense to have one device that could handle both mic and line inputs.

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