Portable Recorder Advice

By James Macdonald
Posted 21 December 2016, 12.51am est

I've been asked my advice about portable recoders and one of the options cannot have an SD card.

I thought about an Olympus WS831 with a good quality reporter mic of course. I've used an older version years ago and it was fine and produced decent quality. I'm just not sure if the model I've quoted is any good.

The Zoom Hn2 has also been recomended to them and I've never used it. Is it any good?

I used the small Marantz but I think that's out of there price range. The recording conditions won't be ideal and it'll be used by people who are not broadcasters and will be recording for someone else to edit so the good external mic with the Olympus might be a good option.

Any advice about the Olympus one would be apreciated because I can't tell from reading the specs if the audio will be good enough. It'll be wma not Mp3 but bitrate needs to be good.

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