Pulse Somerset Listen Live Stream Sound Feed Not Working

By Dave Wiggy Wiggins
Posted 2 May 2016, 11.05pm edt

Pulse Somerset Listen Live Stream Sound Feed
Is Still Not Working Live On Line Don't Any One Under Stand And Care
About They Need To Fix It Now


3 years, 7 months ago

Dave, your best bet is to contact 'Pulse Somerset' through their website about your listed defect.

Recently, I had a problem on the RTE Radio app while attempting to stream Drama On One podcasts on the RTE Radio One page.
Even though as a result, I incorrectly assumed that streaming Irish radio plays could be a copyright issue in the UK, I did post an email to RTE Information about the issue. An initial direct mail response was sent back to me nearly instantly after I posted my inquiry, advising RTE cannot always respond to individual correspondence. I then thought my inquiry had been posted to a "low priority" bottom in-tray at the RTE Donnybrook building!
A pleasant surprise response & fix to the problem was emailed to me, a few hours later.
Indeed, thanks to 'Abi' at RTE Information, I can now stream the library of Drama On One & Documentary On One podcasts, courtesy of the RTE Radio app.

I am puzzled why the Sunday night Drama On One has no 2nd chance repeat on RTE Radio 1 Extra?

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