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By Willie Bone
Posted 15 June 2015, 9.39am edt

I have internet radio tuners which interface with two separate radio portals, one being Reciva and the other Frontier-Silicon.
The selected stations lists on each portal are similar for the main broadcasting stations for home and abroad, but dissimilar for the lesser known services. One example is the list of Abacus music stations listed on the Frontier-Silicon portal, with not even one Abacus service listed on Reciva. Why are the lists different?


4 years, 7 months ago

Simply, these lists are different because they're from different providers.

There's no standard way - yet - of ensuring that all the different radio portals get notified of new radio stations.

(Oh - and some are also filtered for hardware compatibility. If the hardware doesn't support aacPlus, for example, then a portal will want to filter out aacPlus stations.)

4 years, 7 months ago

James, thanks for the correspondence.

In the meantime, unselected stations can be manually added to 'My Streams' (Reciva for Revo tuners) and 'My Added Stations' (Frontier Silicon for Roberts tuners).

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