Ready Made Shows For Community / Hospital and Online Radio Stations Available

By Mark Scott
Posted 11 December 2016, 2.30pm est


A few years ago I was making two weekly ready made package radio shows for Community, Hospital and Online stations. The Shows were free to any station who was PRS and PPL licensed. For various reasons I had to stop making them mainly because I didn't have the time to commit to them but I have agreed to with a former station program manager who now has a station of his own that I will start making these shows again from January and that he is happy for me to once again make them available to any stations outside his TSA that wish to carry them...

Mark Scott At The Movies -

The ABC Of Pop -

Both websites need a little work to bring them back up to date which will be done in the next few days but as I've just revoiced the Christmas Edition of both shows to make them timeless I thought I would offer them out now to any station that may wish to use them to cover presenter time off over Christmas.

Both shows are split in to 4 parts and average 52 mins in length to allow stations to play adverts and station promos between each part and to allow time for the news at the top of each hour.

If you would like to sample the shows Part 1 of each of the Christmas Editions is available to download from my Dropbox bellow. If you like what you hear and want the other three parts let me know and I will send them over to you.

The ABC Of Pop -

Mark Scott At The Movies -

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