Remembering the 50th Anniversary of a UK Radio Pioneer

By Fred Bunzl
Posted 9 December 2014, 9.36am est

Here's a reminder that we're coming up to the 50th anniversary of the Big L Radio London's start 50 years ago in December 1964.

Radio London had a short life (only 32 months) but has left us a long legacy...

Remember, the Big-L was the very first UK music station to introduce us to:

  • Format radio.
  • ID jingles.
  • Regular news updates.



5 years, 4 months ago

Well, "Big L" is still present digitally within the UK's radiostations' listing. I didn't know it was a legacy, though!

5 years, 4 months ago

The station called Big L 1395 is of course a completely separate enterprise to the Radio London which opened in December 1964 and closed in August 1967. As Paul Vos rightly states:

"Radio London deserves a 50th anniversary celebration. It was a great station, professionally run, with some famous DJ's. They had a big influence on the radio and music industry."

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