Suggestions for station imaging (jingle packages) on a budget?

By Katie Leco
Posted 23 March 2019, 5.17am edt

Hi everyone! Most discussions I can find on this are years out of date, so I'm making a new post to see if anyone has any tips or suggestions.

I'm looking to have some radio imaging produced for an online radio station. It's a small station that doesn't run ads (so basically non-profit), so I'm looking for something on a budget. (I'm not listing a price here intentionally but I've seen packages for small stations around running to £80 or so.) I know that means a pretty basic package but, luckily, what I want isn't especially intense.

I'm thinking maybe four "stinger" type jingles (short, spoken, to use often) and maybe a couple of slightly longer "sweeper" type jingles (a little longer, more information in them). I don't want music beds or heavily SFX-ed up type stuff, what I want is quite minimal by design, to just punctuate with the station name occasionally.

I'm aware of sites like Fiverr in this market now but, from a browse, I haven't found any demos that really wowed me, as I think everyone on there mainly focuses on commercials and has that sort of voice! I do favour female voice, young sounding, a little alternative, British naturally as that's where we're based. Any suggestions of people that can produce this sort of thing?

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