Tandberg CSR820 and IRN

We have a Tandberg CSR820 satellite receiver which we have been using happily for the last few years to receive IRN. Over the weekend, the receiver locked-up and lost all the settings.

I found a sticker on top of it with the IRN details, however, when I put them in we get GBI Racing so I presume IRN must have moved. These are the settings on the sticker;

Frequency - 1511.00 MHz
Symbol Rate - 27.500 MS
Viterbi Rate - 5/6
Aquisn BW - 0009 MHz
Polarity - Horizontal
Satellite Band - Ku-high
LNB Voltage - On

Can anyone help me with what the settings should actually be? I have tried various satellite websites, but they list the frequency in GHz and the receiver only lets me input MHz in the format 0000.00.


4 years, 1 month ago

Your satellite dish is pointed to Astra 4A.

IRN appears to be now on...

  • Frequency - 12303.00 MHz
  • Symbol Rate - 25.547 MS
  • Viterbi Rate - 7/8
  • Polarity - Horizontal
    ...and the service has an SID of 1273.

Interesting what else is on there: including distribution for Absolute Radio and talkSPORT, as well as the BBC's AM services, Premier Radio, and the DAB multiplexes for the BBC, Digital One, and (oddly) MuxCo Derby.

4 years, 1 month ago

Derby is a NOW Digital (East Midlands) mux.

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