Too much Australian stuff in daily email

By Brian Buckley
Posted 5 June 2016, 7.14pm edt

I've noticed for maybe a year or more that radio news from Australia is included in the daily email.

I'm really not interested at all in what's happening on Australian radio stations, just those in the UK/Ireland, so can we have filters please to get rid of the uninteresting chaff?




3 years, 11 months ago

We pull in media news from across the world, you're right. We can certainly look at a filter to ensure that you only get news from the UK: that's been on my list for a while. I'll have a think about how to do it.

3 years, 11 months ago

And one about Top Gear is just clickbait. Their description:
"YOU can clearly see the audience stony silent to many of the new cast’s jokes. But what the producers did next has everyone talking. (via"

I WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THEY DID NEXT!!! (Really? I couldn't give a damn! This sort of 'journalism' is just a growing cancer of the internet)

3 years, 11 months ago

The Sun broke that the BBC have put canned laughter into Top Gear after realising that the new show is, basically, more than a bit shit. So I didn't need to click that!

3 years, 11 months ago

To be clear - a story about Top Gear would appear in the UK feed. At least, ought to. It'll do that regardless of where it is reported.

I've just discovered a service which looks as if it'll help keep the news service even more updated, which'll be good, although it'll cost me some cash to do.

3 years, 11 months ago

Just to throw a spanner in the works...Although I'm based in London I don't mind the Aussie news as sometimes some of the stories can be interesting but I get the point that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Maybe just have a clickable link that says More world radio news here and stick the Aussies links in a new section?

Slightly off topic, is there a way of filtering out the TV stories in the daily email? For example today's email has 7 TV based stories. I'm more interested in radio stories but I appreciate there may not be that many radio stories going around daily which might make for a small email!

3 years, 11 months ago

There are easily ten radio stories a day, though weekends may get a bit thinner.

Yes, I think I'd like to enable (re-enable) filters based on media type, and also add country filters in there. I'd also probably split the email into "Most Popular" and "Latest", to enable recent news to appear in the mail. The algorithm I use for sorting the stories is currently "clicks per minute after publishing", which means that after the first few hours it can get a little self-selecting.

3 years, 11 months ago

As requested, you'll notice that you can now 'change country' in your daily email. If you want. It defaults on 'worldwide', of course.

The daily email now contains the top ten trending news stories (i.e. the ones that people are clicking on); and, below them, ten brand new stories. For some smaller countries, you may not see ten trending news stories at all; so the list being split in this way is a useful way to ensure there's always content within this email.

My apologies to all non-UK residents for the subscription list being set for UK time. I'm currently trying to get my brain around how to fix that, so it can show the local timezone.

Currently, there's no way of filtering stories based on media type. I'll monitor the amount of news coming into the system to ensure that this would always return some stories.

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