Accounts Assistant

A part-time office job at Acast in London
Posted 13 October 2016, 7.45am edt

Acast is a podcast hosting, distribution and monetization platform working with major publishers and media houses as well as independent audio producers. The Company is a well-financed Swedish start-up addressing an untapped and growing and dynamic sector of the digital media market. The company has a unique service offering coupled with an ambitious global growth strategy. Based in Old Street, London, the UK subsidiary Acast Stories Ltd. is experiencing a large growth of the business as well as of the organization and therefore need to strengthen the administrative resources with an Accounting Assistant.

Key Responsibilities & Position Duties Reporting to the Country Manager as well as the CFO (based in Stockholm), the Employee’s primary responsibility is:


Preparation for client invoicing (currently done monthly), securing quality of supporting information, interact with the HQ finance team. Jointly with the HQ finance team work with accounts receivables and collection of UK client payments Assist in contacts with content suppliers, primarily when it comes to the monthly invoice statements, in co-operation with the HQ finance team. Assist in payment of salaries, expense reports etc. Handle accounts payable for the UK office and team. Co-ordinate contacts with service suppliers such as bookkeeping agency, HR services, landlord etc. Work closely with other members of the team across Content, Sales and Ad-operations to ensure the smooth running of the UK finances.

This job closed on 27 October, 2016 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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