Breakfast Presenter

A freelance and contract programming job at Switch Radio in Birmingham
Posted 6 October 2017, 11.00am edt

This job is not paid

Switch Radio is the community radio station for North Birmingham. We broadcast online, on FM and on DAB across Birmingham.

Despite offers of cake, our breakfast guy has moved onto pastures new. So, we're looking for a new breakfast presenter to help wake up Birmingham and give our listeners something to smile about while they're either sitting in traffic, starting at work or doing the school run. A tough task; but you've got between the hours of 7am and 10am to pull it off.

Who are we? Switch Radio is a community station based in North East Birmingham, broadcasting on 107.5FM, online, and on mobile. We broadcast to some of the most deprived communities in the Birmingham area. Our aim is to Educate, Entertain and Engage. We do this by providing a daytime mix that keeps listeners with us; once we've got 'em reeled in, we then deliver our community remit through a mixture of features, interviews and competitions. In the evening, we have a specialist schedule covering a diverse range of genres - gospel, heavy metal, jazz and EBM/steampunk.

As a community station, you will probably know what's coming next. We're run by volunteers and operate as a not-for-profit, so we're afraid we won't be able to pay you real money that you can use to buy real things. However, you will be able to bag loads of experience in the UK's second city, and we'll give you feedback and help develop you as a presenter. You'll have the freedom to direct the show down avenues and with features as you see fit (within reason, obviously).

It would obviously be advantageous if you lived in the local area, but we may be open to the idea of remote work if this is what you do (ideally live, but pre-recorded is also potentially acceptable). The primary concern for us is that our listeners hear a relevant, interesting and locally driven breakfast show. You should have some experience of presenting on radio, be passionate about creativity and be able to boss around on social media.

This job closed on 20 October, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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