Breakfast And Drive Presenters - Middle East

A full-time programming job at in Middle East
Posted 23 June 2019, 1.51am edt

We are looking for 4 presenters for our new location for an already established brand of a leading CHR station to be launched at a new location soon in the Middle East.

The station will be catering to the locals and expats alike. The current roles we are looking to fill are;

Morning Show (Male and Female)

Drive Show (Double Headed Show)

This newly franchised station will be launched in a highly competitive market. You will need to have enthusiasm; persistence and a proactive approach to creating must listen to radio. Full of content, sparking interactivity but being unique to the other station in the market place, while also doing this ensuring all content is in a culturally sensitive manner.

This will not be a show and go, rock up and go on job. Show Prep service stars this is not a job for you.

These roles will be exciting, but challenging.

Experience in audio production would be an advantage but not necessary. You will need to know your way around a studio, have used Zetta or Master Control before.

We will provide you with yearly flights to your home country, tax free salary and health Insurance

This job closed on 14 July, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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