Broadcast Assistant

A temporary promotions job at Colourful Radio 'Soul & Reggae Sundays' in London
Posted 30 September 2019, 5.32pm edt

This job is not paid

I'm Sly, Radio Presenter on the award winning Colourful Radio DAB and founder of the annual Bright Star Awards. I'm looking for a remote / virtual Broadcast Assistant (BA). The applicant must have a passion for Black Music both classics and new. Professionalism and time keeping is of the highest importance. If you don't know a lot about radio, that's OK. I'm great at training, but you must have a strong interest to learn. As a BA you will assist with Social Media, booking some guest artists, some production work, and plenty of on air disciplines. Although currently there is no pay; rewards are great in terms of being associated with a legal station, the very latest music, concerts, clubs, parties + lots more. Many past BA's have gone on to be Radio Presenters and some have gone on to other much larger radio stations. If you are interested please contact me with your radio related CV; and tell me why and what you would bring to make my station and radio show 'Soul and Reggae Sunday Sundays' to make it sound even better than what it currently does now."

This job closed on 14 October, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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