Commercial Support Executive

A full-time sales job at Signal 107 in Wolverhampton, UK
Posted 6 March 2020, 10.13am est

Job title: Commercial Support Executive

Responsible to: Sales Director/Station Director

Location: Signal 107 / Wolverhampton

Purpose of the job:

To provide efficient and professional administrative support to the commercial team

To provide administrative assistance to the Sales, SPI and Programming teams, along with the day to day running and administration of the radio station.

To provide administrative support to Station Director

Main Duties:

Sales administration including: Distributing incoming leads to the sales team, produce planit schedules as and when requested; CRM administration daily and when requested to do so; generating and printing out seminar reports monthly; dealing with seminar administration when required.

To put together power point presentations for the sales team using the company template for client presentations

Admin support for Traffic, including ; merge to log, cart deletions, produce PRS reports

Act as support for Station Director

To assist SPI when required ie holiday cover and busy periods

Planning and booking of all SPI activity through planit

Support the sales team with new and existing customers to develop long-term relationships

Provide accurate revenue reports daily to station management and sales teams

Liaise with sales/SPI to ensure all campaign bookings are moved onto Broadnet as swiftly as possible

Support the Sales/SPI teams to achieve revenue targets on a monthly basis

Adhere to sales principles, practices and processes

Co-ordinate general documentation as required eg. mail shots to client

Assist in building client data on CRM for initiatives and mail shots

Source quotes and arrange purchases of any station branding and merchandise against given budgets from all departments

Act as first port of call for building issues including: Dealing with landlord enquiries Fire alarm Security Telephone system General station maintenance Cleaning agency

Ensure office equipment is in working order and in stock

Ensure the smooth running of the office, including: process post and make sure the franking machine is in credit; prepare the boardroom for meetings and order lunches for meetings

Ensure the communal areas are tidy and well maintained

General administration for new starters and keeping employee details up to date

Responsible for the monthly housekeeping inspection report

Ensure health and safety procedures are updated and displayed

To be responsible for general Health & Safety issues in the workplace and to make sure the First Aid boxes are fully stocked and on show

Take and distribute sales meeting minutes weekly by lunchtime

General office management

This job closed on 3 April, 2020 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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