Content, Automation and Imaging Producer

A full-time job at Bauer Media Group in London & South East
Posted 16 August 2017, 8.17am edt

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You will oversee scripting and production of all station branded content for Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio, including station imaging, show trailers, sponsorship and promotions, artist led promotions and other commercial programming including competitions etc.  We need a protools wizard.  We also need you to be a writer who can avoid clichés like “protools wizard,” while scripting interesting, relatable, personable content which is unique to each brand.  Creative mind?  Good!  Because we need your ideas beyond just audio production.  You will shape the tone of voice for the brand, so we need your ideas for programming, commercial and online teams too.  And that creative mind needs to be an organised mind too, able to prioritise. You will also have great editorial judgement, because you will be called upon to assist with programme production during busy periods and major events.  You will have a strong knowledge and passion for rock music and know the difference between a Kerrang! artist, a Planet Rock artist and an artist who crosses over both. We need you to recognise and reflect the sonic differences between each brand.  Produce audio which is empathetic to the sound and era of the music.  You will know the difference between a compressor and a gate. You will be our go-to audio guru.  If we’ve got a big name interview in a hotel room, or backstage at a festival, you can setup the gear and record to the highest possible standard.  You might not be live on the radio, but you are just as calm and reliable in situations where there are no second takes.  The opportunity to work on 2 iconic radio stations does not arise often.  Can you take on the challenge of shaping and directing these 2 well-loved brands with creative audio imaging and production which will make other radio stations jealous?  If our imaging is the extra presenter on our stations, then you need to keep the presenter in line, and awake, 24 hours a day.

This job closed on 23 August, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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