Content Solutions Account Manager

A full-time job at Global Radio in Liverpool
Posted 26 August, 2017 in Sales

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Contents Solutions and interactive are an exciting and essential part of what makes Global tick.  As a Content Solutions Account Manager, you’ll work alongside the sales team at your Broadcast Centre making sure you deliver the best sponsorship, promotional and interactive opportunities to our clients.  You’ll have lots of great ideas for events, competitions and ways to engage our client’s brand with our listeners 

What will you be doing

You’ll be in charge of making sure our clients brands can engage with our listeners in a fun, fresh and interesting way.   Your ideas, enthusiasm and obsessive attention to detail mean your clients, your sales team and Global makes lots of money.

We want to make the best radio and at the same time deliver the best results for our clients. You’ll be the Content Solutions expert and you’ll believe in what we deliver, doing whatever it takes whether that’s wearing your best frock for a station event or wearing wellies to a client sponsored firework display.

At Global we love to make sure that we give a better service to our clients than anyone else they work with by building long term relationships and having the courage to tell a client when something isn’t right.  You’ll drawing on your experience and passion to get them back on track and you’ll recognise when something didn’t go quite right.

You’ll be liaising with programmers and creative writers, as well as the sales team, communicating great ideas and letting the team know what they need to do to bring these ideas to life.

You’ll always want to be one step ahead of the competition and your uncanny persuasive skills will ensure we always deliver something truly unique for both the client and our listeners.  

What we expect of you

You’ll have an incredible eye for opportunities and a head full of original ideas that will not only bring new business to Global but also have our existing clients returning again and again revelling in the unique way Content Solutions allows them to engage with our listeners

You love working to tight deadlines and thrive under the pressure and buzz it gives you when you meet them.

You’ll have a great eye for detail making sure everything runs smoothly and ensuring that only the best presentations get put in front of clients whilst at the same time loving all the fun stuff this job entails.   

You’ll have the courage to challenge how and why we do things, in a respectful, constructive way and as the new person in the team you’ll come with creative ideas that we, and our customers will want to hear.  You’ll deliver this in an open and honest way, managing your expectations.

You’ll have a healthy respect for the rules, those of Global and the various industry bodies we must adhere to. 

We’ll give you the Global sales process and tools that you’ll use daily to maximum effect to smash your targets so you should be confident learning new systems as well as being open to new technologies.

A clean driving licence is a must, and you must have a proven success in sales, marketing, Content Solutions, media or events.

Who you will work with

  • Broadcast Centre MD

  • Commercial Director

  • Regional Content Solutions Director

  • Content Solutions Project Manager

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