Creative Producer

A full-time creative job at Maple Street Creative in London
Posted 19 February 2018, 9.57am est

Radio ads are simple to make, and can be done really cheaply with the most basic understanding of how a studio works.


Firstly, it’s not just radio. AUDIO ads also run on podcasts and digital audio platforms too. Secondly, if it’s really cheap it’ll probably be really rubbish. Thirdly, there’s binaural sound dynamic audio and all sorts of exciting tricks we can play with.

And fourthly, making a memorable audio ad requires the skill of a great producer to work with the writer, chip into brainstorms, interpret a script, choose a voice over, select music, direct the session, and mix with huge skill.

If you agree with the above, and you reckon you’re the “great producer” we mentioned, we want to hear from you. We have a fantastic opportunity for a Creative Producer to join our talented, friendly and dynamic audio advertising team in London’s West End.

The candidate:

You’re an experienced Commercial Producer, able to balance creativity with clear, effective messaging. You want to help us to raise the standards of audio advertising in everything we do. You know your way around a studio and are wonderful with Pro-Tools. You’re great at directing sessions while simultaneously keeping the client happy.

You’re an effective communicator with great interpersonal skills, and an excellent understanding of radio advertising standards and codes of practice. The ideal candidate will have worked in a radio station or studio as a full-time commercial producer for at least a year, and ideally a few years. Please don't apply if you have never had a full-time job making radio commercials.

We’re looking for someone who can take a script, own it, help to cast it, and direct it, whilst managing the client and spotting the clearance issues. You’ll be keen to learn from your colleagues, and to work on our other projects such as podcasts. You’re also happy to tech-op sessions for people who hire our studios.

This job closed on 9 March, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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